Primax Shoring, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of the most advanced shoring systems and it operates in North America by selling and renting Slide Rail Shoring and other specialized shoring products. Founded in the year 2000, Primax Shoring Inc. has already developed the fourth generation of slide rail shoring system, the Telescopic Slide Rail Shoring. Our team works continuously to earn the contractors trust and remains committed to developing and producing new and user friendly shoring devices radically exceeding those made by other manufacturers. The majority of the shoring products are subject of several US Patents. The Corporate President, Max Kadiu PhD PE, brings over the experience of 35 years of underground construction technology from research and design to in site applications. Mr. Kadiu has shared his experience over the years with specialists throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. As a recognized specialist in the industry, he is available to assist in the selection, use or design of any specific shoring problem. He can be reached at mkadiu@gmail.com.