Trench Shields with Sliding Spreaders


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Primax has introduced a very new trench shield to be used like a dig and push system and/or like standard trench shields. This trench shield includes shoring panels similar to those used with other sliding shoring systems and a strutting assembly able to slide on either end of respective shoring panels. The strutting assembly has a pair of short vertical members provided with a guide to sliding shoring panels. Each pair of vertical members is supported by at least one horizontal strut fastened in between them. When required, the horizontal strut is hydraulically activated to exert pressure on either shoring wall. Thus, no more arches are needed to having high clearance for big pipes or boring pits applications. The horizontal strut could be adjusted at various heights to accommodate the clearance required by the application. Like other sliding shoring system, this trench shield could be assembled before or after excavating two or more feet. Afterward, the panels are pushed down as excavation progresses until grade. Thereafter, each strutting assembly (front and back) is adjusted at desired height and pined so that the whole device could be dragged within excavation if necessary. Another advantage of this shoring device is the possibility of handling each components separately and the whole as well.

The shield panels have same technical specifications as those of standard trench shields but customized ones are also available. Furthermore, any standard trench shield panel is well be used with sliding strutting assembly. Yet, another very important aspect to be emphasized here, is the fact that even shoring panels of Slide Rail Shoring System could be used as trench shields. Shoring panels ranging from 4 ft. to 12 ft high as well as light and single wall panels are available. For special applications, the strutting assembly may be provided with more than one guide and two or more horizontal struts so that two shoring panels could slide past each other creating a stepped shoring wall. US Patent 7,056,067

custom specifications are available upon your request