Bedding Box


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Primax Bedding Boxes are designed to meet the most basics requirement of the users: Durability, Higher Clearance of the Lifting Bar and “Clean Sweep”. Several models are available to handle from seven to fifteen cubic yard of gravel, washed rock or other material. Each model features a full three dimensional structural frame preventing deformation of various parts observed on the bedding boxes provided by other manufacturers. Made of a square tube to ensure better contact with the bucket of excavator, the lifting bar is fully double welded onto either side of main supporting tubes. Reinforced plates are added at all critical stress points. Also, additional diagonal supporting elements are used for high volume bedding boxes in order to form triangular cells technically undeformable. Unless specified otherwise by the customer, all bedding boxes have a 1⁄2" steel bottom plate provided with wear strips on the inside to guard against damages by bucket teeth.


custom specifications are available upon your request