Slide Rail Shoring System


From a system having two distinctive shoring panels, each one using partial connections into the posts (US Pat 6,848,865 B2), for the first time, Primax introduced a slide rail shoring system having a unique shoring panel while using partial connections within rail post. Thus, the resistive forces are reduced during installation and removal of the system for both inner and outer shoring wall. A unique panel design applies for both outer and inner shoring walls. In a job site this means No more headaches which or where, or how many panels are outer or inner. The frontal guide of the linear post allows for a full travel of the sliding strut assembly, which can access the post from either end. The design of the linear rail post allows for maximum section modulus of the embodied material, which is obtained by specific distribution of the steel material so that capacity of the cantilever of the post is increased while the total weigh of the post is maintained the same or decreased. Thus, the overall clearance of shoring system is considerably increased. Recently, a new guide of circular cross section is designed in the center front of the linear rail post for a smoother slide of the sliding strut assembly (US Pat. 7,309,191).

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