Sliding Strut Shoring System


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Primax comes to present a very new sliding shoring system designed to be used inshallow excavations up to 12 ft deep. Ideal for inner city applications, this sliding shoring system discards heavy and cumbersome rail posts; it uses only large shoring panels and special strutting assemblies. The strutting assembly has a pair of short vertical members provided on either side with guides for sliding shoring panels which are to be arranged in pairs against opposite walls of the trench. Adjacent strutting assemblies, which are spaced apart along the trench, hold shoring panels vertically. Each strutting assembly has at least one horizontal strut fastened in between the pair of vertical members. For deeper excavation a double strut strutting assemblies can be used. Also, two or more single strutting assemblies could be stacked together if necessary. When needed, the horizontal strut is hydraulically activated to exert pressure on either shoring wall. Like the slide rail shoring, the Sliding Strut Shoring is a “dig and push system”. It is assembled before or after excavating two or more feet of trench, and the system is lowered down as excavation progresses. However, in rare cases the sliding strut shoring system can be dragged for short distances within excavation in order to get close to a utility giving a dual nature to the system: trench shield & slide rail. What makes this shoring system more useful, and economically very efficient, is the fact that it uses the same shoring panels as Slide Rail Shoring System. Also, lighter, double wall shoring panels ranging from 2 ft, 4 ft and 8 ft tall are available upon users request. Depending on the application, the vertical members of strutting assembly, when needed are provided with rollers to ease sliding of shoring panels (US Patent 7,056,068).

custom specifications are available upon your request